AXYS Group - Expertise - Corporate Services


Over 20 years’ experience in structuring capabilities across various jurisdictions

We provide Corporate Services through NWT Group and Frontiere Finance.

NWT (Mauritius) Limited was established in 1995. The group has consolidated its experience globally over the last six years, offering trust, corporate and fund services to clients worldwide. Headquartered in Mauritius, with subsidiaries in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Canada, and British Virgin Islands, its main operating companies are NWT (Mauritius), NWT Management SA and NWT Conseil (Geneva).

NWT and Frontiere Finance focus on creating personalised solutions for setting up and administering companies, trusts, foundations, mutual funds and private equity funds. By servicing a worldwide client base, we have acquired the skills and ability to adopt a global view and approach with regards to each client’s specific needs.

Our range of services include:

  • Company, Trust & Fund formation and administration
  • Treasury & investment services
  • Accounting services
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns
  • Legal services
  • Application for work and residence permits
  • Office set up
  • Outsourcing services


NWT (Mauritius) Limited is regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC), and NWT Management SA is regulated by the Association Romande des Intermédiaires Financiers (ARIF), a Swiss self-regulatory organism.