The Market fell to a 22Mth-Low as measured by AXYS Liquid Indexes (-0.3%) and at a 16Mth-Low as measured by the official list only SEMDEX (-0.4%).


The latest drag comes amid a foreign dump – 95% of sales resulting in net outflows to the tune of Rs48M – of MCB shares at 2Wk-Low Rs276 (-0.7%).An Ex-Div SBM closed 1-cent below its Ref. Price which at Rs5.84  translates to its lowest in a decade! Other Large caps closing in negative territory include: NMHL at Rs19 (-1.0%), ENL at Rs34.80 (-0.6%) and PBL at Rs597 (-0.3%).


There were only three ascents today: APL at 4Wk-High Rs13 (+1.6%), GRIT at 4Mth-High $1.40 (+0.7%), and MUA at near 4Yr-High Rs72 (+0.7%).