In today’s volatile session (23 movers) local indices (+0.3%) buoyed by gainers among Multi-Sector Holdings stocks namely IBL who jumped to Rs49.20 (+1.4%) and ROGE who continued its ascent since post analyst meeting to close at near 7Yr-High Rs38.25 (+0.7%).


TMT of Rs35M was marked by Investment Holdings [35%] who were mostly down and Financials [32%] who maintained its activity. Exceptional exchanges were noted on PAD [32%; NFP: Rs11M] who dropped to Rs110 (-2.7%) inspite of foreign inflows (98% foreign buys); MCB [13%] inched higher to Rs268.75 (+0.3%) on domestic exchanges while; SBM [12%: NFS: Rs1M] dropped further to Rs6.52 (-0.6%) and CIM [7%: NFS: Rs2M] maintained its trade momentum to close flat at Rs9.60 (±0%), both registering thin foreign outflows.


Other active stocks to highlight include NMHL [7%] who recently spiked in activity closed unmoved at Rs22 (±0%) while GRIT [7%] remained unchanged at $1.40 (±0%).