TMT of Rs57M was marked by Debt board [26%], excluding which equity turnover amounted to Rs42M. Indices – SEMDEX (-0.1%) and ALEX-20 (-0.0%) –  retreated from the drop of MCB, SBM and NMHL nullifying gains registered while ALCAPEX-12 (+0.3%) buoyed by TERRA’s gain.


Financials (-0.3%) experienced foreign selling pressures: MCB [16%; NFS: Rs6M] slid from recent highs to Rs276.50 (-0.5%), SBM [8%; NFS: Rs4M] plummeted to 9½Yr-Low Rs6.00 (-0.7%) followed by CIM [4%; NFS: Rs3M] at 52Wk-Low Rs9.24 (-1.1%). Travel & Leisure (-0.4%) also retreated mainly by NMHL [4%] who receded to 3Mth-Low Rs21.40 (-1.2%) while peer LUX [4%] remained flat at Rs72 (±0%).


Multi-sector Holdings (+0.4%) advanced from TERRA’s [2%] single exchange at Rs21.65 (+1.6%), MEDL gaining 50cts to Rs59.50 on thin volumes, ENLL traded at Rs54 (±0%) but edged to Rs55 (+1.9%) on 100 shares traded while IBL [12%] remain unchanged at Rs51 (±0%).