How do I buy/sell shares?
You may give instructions, in person at our premises, by telephone, email, fax, snail mail, or via text messaging. AXYS Stockbroking Ltd (ASL) allows you to choose all of the above or pick and choose your preferred method via our "Indemnity Agreement" during the process of opening an account.
How can I start investing?
You may begin investing in securities quoted on the SEM through us by opening an account. To open an account. Click here.
What is the minimum amount I have to invest?
There is no required minimum. A minimum of 1 share in a listed company needs to be purchased.
How can I pay for the transaction?
You may transfer funds directly to our bank account or send us a cheque in favour of AXYS Stockbroking Ltd; while we do accept cash, there are restrictions and would require added information with regards to its provenance.
When do I have to settle/pay AXYS?
Trades are settled at 10:00 (GMT+4) on the third business day following the trade. ie we would require that the funds be in our accounts by latest . T+3 @ 10am
How will AXYS pay me when I sell shares?
After execution, AXYS will mail you a crossed cheque - unless otherwise specified - on T+3
What is the market price of a share?
A given share's market price is the last price at which the stock traded on the normal board, ie in bundles of 100 shares.
Can I buy/sell at market?
Yes, it is possible to buy or sell shares at market price; however, this may require patience as there are others in the queue ahead of you waiting to buy/sell. Alternatively, buyers and sellers may have placed their respective bids and offers at lower or higher than market prices.
By how much do share prices move?
The minimum price movement is called the "tick-size" and tabulated below for your convenience.
Price Range Tick Size
Price < Rs1 0.01
Rs1 ≤ Price < Rs10 0.05
Rs10 ≤ Price < Rs50 0.10
Rs50 ≤ Price < Rs100 0.50
Rs100 ≤ Price < Rs500 1.00
Rs500 ≤ Price < Rs1000 5.00
Price ≥ Rs1000 10.00
What is the 'odd lot' board?
The odd lot board is platform on which it is possible to buy/sell between 1 and 99 shares. Odd lot trade executions do not affect the market price of the stock, with the noteworthy exception of SITLH options.
I own share certificates. What do I do with them?
The share certificate is proof of share ownership issued by the company itself. Given that it is a physical item, it can be damaged, lost or destroyed. We recommend that you deposit the share certificate with the CDS just like you would place your money at the bank.
I own share certificates. How do I sell them?
In order to sell the share certificates, you would have to open - if you do not already have one - a CDS securities trading account with us. Once opened, we will then deposit the shares - can take anywhere between 5 and 10 business days - after which the shares will be made available for sale.
I inherited shares/share certificates following the demise of a relative. How do we proceed?
If you wish to sell the shares, our team will assist you with the opening of a CDS account in the name of the Estate and the deposit of share certificates. We would require authorization of ALL heirs to proceed and the proceeds from the sale would be made in the name of the estate. Should you wish to distribute the shares, our team will assist you with the withdrawal of shares from CDS. Your notary would then have legal authority to evenly distribute shares to every heir, and new share certificates would then have to be issued by the company. Once the new shares certificates have been issued, our team will help you re-deposit the stocks with the CDS.
What is the CDS?
The Central Depository & Settlement Co Ltd or CDS, is the centralised depository and clearing house for trades executed on the SEM. ie All purchased/sold shares are credited to/debited from the respective accounts upon receipt of funds from the Central Bank on the third day after execution at 10am.
How much will it cost to open an account?
AXYS Stockbroking does not charge for the opening of a securities trading account.
How much will each trade cost?
The maximum total brokerage fees will stand at 1.25% of the value of the trade. This fee includes AXYS Brokerage charges, SEM fees, CDS fees, and FSC charges.
How soon can I invest?
You may start trading immediately as soon as your account has been opened.
What is a Contract Note?
Also referred to as a "Bought Note" or "Sold Note", the contract note, is your official receipt and legal proof that you have purchased or sold the given securities.
What are dividends? How much will I receive?
A dividend is a share of a company's profit distributed out to shareholders. Dividend policies are company dependent and vary from year to year, making it an inexact science to estimate dividend pay-outs.
What is a good stock to invest in?
That is the million dollar question. The answer is not straight forward, and depends on your risk appetite, return expectation and investment time frame. AXYS Strockbroking's Research team provides regular in-depth fundamental analysis and valuations of select listed companies; however, prevailing market conditions can supersede fundamentals.