AXYS Liquid Indices

ALCAPEX-12     1,575.70  ▲  8.02    +0.51%
ALEX-20     1,132.17  ▼  -0.71    -0.06%
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*Last updated on Nov 20 2018





Index Factsheets Index Announcements


  • At the Quarterly Index Review held on 10-Oct-18, the ALEX-20 was updated with GRIT making a maiden entry and ENLL making a return into the index


  • The eligible Universe of stocks for inclusion in ALEX indices decreased to 24 in Oct-18 due to the inegibility of INNO and CAUD


  • The ALCAPEX-12 composition was also marked by changes with ASCE replacing CAUD; and EUDC replacing INNO


  • Index Methods were altered in Aug-18 to have a better definition for "Investment Holdings"


  • ALCAPEX-12 weights were re-balanced in Apr-18 following the publication of 2017 GDP data


  • Index launched on Oct 8th 2013
Index Policies

  • Index universe review every quarter

  • Annual ALCAPEX weight re-balancing occurs in April



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