Our Services

Managing your wealth in line with your objectives.

We offer both discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management services to corporate, institutional and individual 'high net worth' clients. We made our reputation over the years by delivering steady performances across major asset classes and investment regions. Moreover, the range of investment opportunities that we offer comprise a combination of fixed income securities, equities, mutual funds and alternative investments, which overall provide a good balance of risk and return to any portfolio.

Discretionary services:

The financial markets are constantly changing, and being well informed is not always an easy task. Our discretionary Asset Management services enable you to delegate all your investment decisions to our team of experts through a mutually agreed mandate, with a specified investment strategy, which will serve as guidance to all their investment decisions related to your portfolio.

Non-discretionary services:

In order to help you develop and implement investment strategies of your own, we provide you with regular information, as collected by our specialists, which will entitle you with the joy of participating in the management of your investments. In this case, you have the choice to decide how active you want to be in your portfolio's investment decisions.


The expertise and efficiency of our solid research team and international partners enable us to stay at the forefront of major developing trends in the world markets. Locally, we have a dedicated research team that works in association with our sister company AXYS Stockbroking, and together they enable us to accurately gauge the growth potential and risks of companies in which to invest.

Our solid experience in investment management and the technical expertise of our global partners enable us to structure and develop innovative and yet sound investment vehicles. We provide a range of structured notes that offer unique investment opportunities with various levels of capital protection and asset-linked coupons.