MCB [9%] – who traded at VWAP Rs267.12 (+0.5%) – ended the session at Rs268 (+0.4%) on late trading. In spite of sustained foreign divestments to the tune of Rs11M, SBM [33%] recovered 6cts to Rs7.20 (+0.8%). Consequently, indices were boosted by banking duo: ALEX 12 extended its ascent for the 7th straight session to 1,080pts (+0.3%), SEMDEX climbed to 2,111pts (+0.2%) and ALCAPEX 12 to 1,537pts (+0.2%).


Insurer MUA regurgitated the eve’s gains back to Rs57.50 (-3.4%). NMHL [6%; NFP: 2M] shares were bought by FI at Rs22.20 (-0.2%). Conglomerates combined made up 20% of the daily turnover: TERRA improved to Rs31.70 (+0.2%), OMNI to Rs64.25 (+0.4%) and IBL to Rs40.15 (+0.4%) recovered slightly. LOTO at Rs5.72 (+0.4%) moved in tandem with holding GAMMA [5%] to Rs25 (+2.7%).



INVH cooled off from recent highs: MDIT to Rs4.38 (-0.4%), POLI to Rs6.66 (-0.6%), PAD to Rs117 (-0.2%) and ENL(P) to Rs27.45 (-0.2%). LMLC surged to Rs235.25 (+6.2%), PIM to Rs66 (+0.8%), APL to Rs10.25 (+2.0%) while UTDL eased off to Rs64 (-3.0%), each on 200 shares or less.