With an evenly matched number of gains and drops registered among ALCAPEX 12 constituents today, ALCAPEX 12 remained sticky 1,657pts (+0.1%), ALEX 20 at 1,182pts (-0.0%) and SEMDEX at 2,291pts (+0.0%). With an atypically low volume of MCB shares trading at a flat Rs274 (±0%) today, the daily turnover stood at a below average Rs30M. SBM [62%] corrected further from recent highs to Rs7.72 (-0.5%) on foreign divestments to the tune of Rs16M. CIM rebounded to Rs10.30 (+2.0%) whereas FINC regurgitated the eve’s gains back to Rs27 (-5.3%), each on Rs100k worth of transactions. 52k ROGE shares [6%] were crossed at Rs34 (+0.1%), after which it surged to Rs34.20 (+0.7%) on 300 shares. Consumer staple LFL pursued its ascent to Rs46 (+2.2%); ENLC climbed further to Rs14.50 (+4.3%) and CIMMO soared to Rs590 (+6.3%), albeit each on slim volumes. Among material stocks, UBP continued along its up-track to Rs136.25 (+0.9%), BYCH stepped up to Rs4.50 (+6.1%) while GAZ forfeited Rs1 to Rs62 (-1.6%) on 2k shares.