With an evenly matched number of gains and drops, indices barely budged: ALCAPEX 12 crept marginally down to 1,515pts (-0.1%) and SEMDEX to 2,070pts (-0.1%) while ALEX 20 crept infinitesimally higher to 1,058pts (+0.0%).



TMT remained below average at Rs23M and was scattered between several stocks. SBM [34%; NFS: 4M] remained sticky at Rs7.58 (-0.3%) and MCB [7%] cooled off from recent highs to Rs249 (-0.4%) in the absence of foreign trading. 103k MK shares [6%] were crossed at flat Rs14.20 (±0%). Conglomerate ALTEO [10%; NFP: 2M VWAP: Rs34.19 (+1.0%)] closed above its VWAP for the third consecutive session at Rs34.25 (+0.7%) while TERRA eased off further to Rs32.05 (-1.4%).



Property counter ASCE [12%; NFS: 2M] slumped to Rs12 (-1.6%) on foreign divestments while CAUD recovered slightly to Rs1.08 (+1.9%) and thinly-traded APL climbed to Rs10.50 (+2.9%). INVH MDIT [6%] traded at flat Rs4.72 (±0%) while BEEP soared to Rs19.75 (+12%) on slim volumes. QBL surged further to Rs12.55 (+4.6%) on Rs100k worth of actions.  Ex-div UBP ended the session above ref. price Rs101.75 at Rs103.50 (+1.7%).