Several counters experienced corrective dips today best exemplified by a drop-to-gains ratio at 2.0x. CTL’s drop to Rs49 (-1.0%) on 900 shares drove ALCAPEX 12 down to 1,599pts (-0.1%) while ALEX 20 at 1,123pts (+0.0%) and SEMDEX at 2,186pts (+0.0%) barely budged.


Trading was essentially driven by foreign crosses on MCB [62% NFS: 8M] at flat Rs268 (±0%); 5M CAUD shares [10%] were sold by FI at flat Rs1.08 (±0%); and CIEL [7%] traded at Rs7.28 (-0.3%). Moving on a min. trade of 100 shares today were conglomerates TERRA at Rs32.70 (-0.2%) and OMNI at Rs66 (-1.5%) who eased further off and property stock CIMO at Rs442 (+0.5%) who moved in line with better final results this quarter. MDIT pursued its ascent to Rs4.80 (+2.1%) while POLI at Rs6.58 (-0.3%), NITL at Rs25 (-2.0%) and BMHL at Rs35.25 (-0.7%) cooled off from recent highs.


ETFs CGP40 at Rs2.56 (-2.3%), CSP500 at Rs2.45 (-1.6%) slipped in line with their underlying index while MISB inched up to at Rs11.36 (+0.4%), albeit each on 400 units or less.